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I wish Adam Dunn was in the Home Run Derby

July 11, 2011 Leave a comment

Signing Adam Dunn for 4 years and 56 million dollars has to be the worst free agent signing ever.  Not just by the White Sox or in pro sports, but in life.  NewsCorp bought MySpace 6 years ago for $580m and sold it for $35m to Justin Timberlake a couple weeks ago, and I think even they are laughing at Jerry Reisndorf for the Adam Dunn deal.

Dunn’s stat line is almost unbelievable for a Major League player.  I had 3 three hits in my HS baseball career and I think my Batting Average and OPS were higher than Dunn’s. Right now Dunn is hitting .160, with 9 HRs and 117 strikeouts.  The record for strikeouts in a season is 223.  Dunn is going to smash that if he continues to play like this and get at bats.

Having said that…I’d love to see Adam Dunn in the Home Run Derby tonight.  There are two possible outcomes if he were participated.  1) He crushes the ball all over the park like he used to do and that gives him some confidence for the second half of the season, or 2) He breaks the record for strikeouts in a HR Derby.  One would be great for the Southsiders, the other would be great comedy.


PS: I despise the HR Derby.  It is one of the worst events in sports.  So boring.  I don’t understand why it gets so much fanfare.  Professional baseball players should be able to hit 500ft homeruns off of their hand selected 58 year-old pitcher who is grooving it for them.  Hearing Chris Berman say “back, back, back, back…gone” 4302 times a night is like nails on my eardrums.  If I watched the Bachelorette, I’d be way more excited for that tonight…but I am guy, so I don’t watch that.  I couldn’t care less if Ashley is going to give a rose to some poor guy who isn’t even that good looking when she is really still in love with Bentley.  But seriously, I don’t watch.

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I am thinking about getting a MySpace account because Justin Timberlake bought it

June 30, 2011 Leave a comment

(WSJ)–“This time it may be different. Joining Specific Media is Mr. Sexxyback himself, pop singer Justin Timberlake. Timberlake, who coincidentally had a major part in last summer’s Facebook film “Social Network”, has invested an undisclosed amount in the company.”


Look it, MySpace sucks and everybody knows it.  I have never been on there, but I hear its for pedophiles, rapists, prostitutes, and musicians.  Not exactly my crowd.  Having said that, I am totally creating an account now.  Justin Timberlake is just a winner.  SNL is terrible.  Haven’t watched it in years, but Timberlake hosts and it suddenly is awesome again.  The guy dominates everything he puts his hands on. He’s obviously a social media expert after starring in “The Social Network”.  So I am going to dive head first into the new MySpace. Zuckerberg better watch his ass.


PS: NewsCorp bought MySpace 6 years ago for $580m and sold it for $35m.  That’s the worst investment ever, right?  Has any company ever lost 555 million dollars in that short of a time period?  Timberlake will probably sell it back to them for a billion in like 2 years.


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