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Bears Clinch Second Place in NFC North and Cutler Is No Longer The Fattest QB in Division

July 27, 2011 Leave a comment


I hate to hate a Chicago guy like Donovan McNabb, but he just plain sucks.  The Vikings trading for McNabb is the best thing that ever could have happened for the Bears.  If the Vikings had been able to get someone like Hasselback to be Christian Ponder’s stable pony this year then the Vikings could have been a challenge.  Instead they traded for a washed up, noodle arm, fat guy who is delaying the deal to the Vikings because “they aren’t showing him enough love”.  McNabb sucks so bad that he got benched for Rex Grossman.  The Vikings are a joke.  Sidney Rice should get on the first plane out of town and Adrian Peterson should follow him next year. The Vikings’ stadium is so tired of having bad football that it tried to kill itself last year.  Lions will finish ahead of Minnesota this season, remember where you heard it.


PS: The Vikings only gave a 6th round pick to Washington to get McNabb.  I feel like McNabb is the sports world equivalent of the MySpace. MySpace was cool for a while around 2005. MySpace sells for $550m in like 2006 and sold this year for $35m.  Washington trades a 2nd and a 4th round draft pick for McNabb last year and turns around deals him for a 6th rounder 16 months later.  I am not sure which franchise is more pathetic, Washington for giving a shit load for him when there was a chance he was still good, or Minnesota for thinking that he is STILL good.

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NFL Lockout Victim: HBO’s Hardknocks

July 26, 2011 Leave a comment


Training camps are going to basically start on time, so can someone explain to me why HBO isn’t going to do Hardknocks this year?  Hardknocks is easily the best thing about the preseason. Cromartie trying to name his kids was one of the best moments in the history of TV.  My vote is Minnesota for Hardknocks.  Crazy ass Jared Allen, rookie quarterback, big fat Williams twins, and I think Mike Singletary is going to be one of their coaches if I am not mistaken.  He needs to be mic’d up forever.


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