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Jay+Cav=Superbowl Samba!!!

October 4, 2011 1 comment


What is that thing Jay is doing with his face in that picture?  Never seen that before.  That looks like the face of a man who is getting his life back in order.  The Lions are so DEAD!!!!  JayCav are crazy in love and the Bears as a +6 dog is looking pretty sweet right now. There is no stopping a happy Jay Cutler.  NFC North Champs are BACK!!! Thank You Kristin Cav!!!


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THROW THE DAMN TOWEL. Kristin Cav dominating Jay Cutler AGAIN

October 3, 2011 Leave a comment

Ok so both Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari are on TV once per week, trying to do their best to make their ex jealous…and so far its been like the 1992 USA Basketball Dream Team vs Angola.  Kristin Cav dressed up as Marilyn Monroe and quick-stepped all over Jay Cutler’s heart.  I watched the Bears vs Panthers game and Jay Cutler looked depressed as hell.  He looked totally disinterested.  Every time the camera showed Jay on the sidelines he was moping around with this real pathetic look on his face.  He didn’t even have the energy to cuss out the QB coach, Lovie, Martz, or small children.  He is just so rattled by Kristin looking like hot hot fire on national TV every week.  Reports are that they “trying to work it out”.  That’s like saying Palestine agrees to a cease-fire with Israel after they get the shit bombed out of them for a couple of weeks.  Its time for them to get back together because I don’t think Jay can take too much more of this.  Samba dance tonight for the win.

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Kristin Cavallari is totally winning the break-up vs Jay Cutler

September 20, 2011 1 comment

Jesus, as if Jay’s week couldn’t get any worse.  The guy gets basically murdered for 60 minutes in New Orleans and now he has to see his sexbomb ex-girlfriend just strut her stuff right in America’s eye.  I want to hate Kristin Cavallari for what she did to Jay Cutler, but hips don’t lie and that girl KILLED  Dancing With The Stars last night.  No getting around it.

Jay is just so depressed that he is doing anything to get Kristin Cav back.  I mean look at this tweet between the two of them from yesterday:

Kristin Cavallari
KristinCavKristin Cavallari

 Thank u ☺ RT @JayCutler6: Good luck babe “@KristinCav: Don’t forget to vote tonight!! 18008683403 or” Vote for KC on DWTS tonight.
I can just picture Jay sitting in an ice bath, crushing whiskeys and pain-killers, and sending out this tweet to try and get his life back together.  Jay+Cav=Division Champs. Jay – Cav=getting killed by the Saints.  Poor Jay.

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