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Jay Cutler flips off paparazzi

May 3, 2012 1 comment


So Jay Cutler looks completely healthy.  Full range of motion in his fingers.  Good flexibility on the thumb and index finger and then a pretty powerful middle finger to go with them.  Also really showed off what kind of athlete he is by switching up the bird from the right to the left hand flawlessly.  Not easy.  Good form Jay.

I pretty much love everything about these pictures.  I hate the TMZ culture and Jay is telling them to fuck off.  I am sure this low-life camera guy followed Jay and his pregnant reality star girlfriend(fiance? wife? I can’t keep up with that stuff) harassing them until it pushed Cutler over the edge.  I dig the fire.  That’s what you want out of the leader of a team or a family.

Also…great salad up top there Jay.  He rolled out of the house in sweats, but that hair is ready for the red carpet.  Only negative is the small dog.  Jay needs a man’s dog, but I guarantee that’s a Cavallari purchase.  No sweat.


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Don’t Quote Me On This, But There Is A 200% Chance Kristen Cavallari Reads My Blog

July 25, 2011 1 comment

(Chicago)–If a tweet by entertainment reporter Billy Bush is to believed, the engagement between Bears quarterback Jay Cutler and reality TV star Kristin Cavallari is off. Bush, a reporter with “Access Hollywood,” tweeted the news early Sunday morning from what he called, “a super-tight source.” Grizzly Detail has not independently confirmed the report, and shares skepticism with The Big Lead writers who similarly couched their report. Cutler and Cavallari have been dating since they met early last season, and since the two got together, Cutler has been covered by TMZ as much as ESPN. Just this month they announced that they had set a wedding date for July 7, 2012.

Ok…if there was any ever doubt that hot girls like Kristin Cavallari read this blog, those doubts have now been put to rest permanently.  Last week I said: “PPS:  How the hell did Cutler land Cavallari?  I know he is an NFL QB and everything, but Cutler doesn’t exactly look like Tom Brady.  If it was possible for an NFL QB to outkick his coverage, Cutler totally did it.”  Well…looks like I really got through to Kristin Cavallari because the wedding is now off.  I mean just look at the pictures above.  Cutler is a soft 4 on a 1-10 scale in the celebrity world and Kristin is a hard 9.  Too big of a gap to make up.  I feel kind of bad for ending an engagement.  But lets be honest, that marriage was never going to last.  Saved my quarterback a lot of time and heart ache.  She was clouds in his coffee.  Now he can find a girl that’s not a celebrity who is hotter than Cavallari and he becomes an 8 because of his NFL status.  You can thank me later Jay.


PS: Jay Cutler couldn’t be reached for comment, but I think we can all assume his direct quote will be “uhhh, whatever…”

PPS: Kristin…I know you dig my bloggerswag, contact me.

PPPS: Kristin Cavallari isn’t even that hot…for a celebrity.


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