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One more inspirational Bulls video.



At the end of the day the Sixers aren’t on the Bulls level and the Heat are a bitch team.  This thing isn’t close to being over for the Bulls.



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Scottie Pippen’s Open Letter to the Bulls

“With what happened to Derrick in Game 1, it would be easy to hang your heads right now. You could lose sight of the ultimate goal and give up before the rest of the games have even been played. But I know that’s not even a consideration for this group. And that’s exactly why you’ll make me, Derrick, the organization, and the city of Chicago so proud.

To a man, it’s time for each of you to take a look in the mirror. Decide who you really are and what you represent as a basketball player. Reflect on what you have brought to the table for your team all season long and why you’re a valuable member of the Bulls. Because all of you have contributed to this team’s incredible success. Ask yourself what you can do for the team moving forward. Whether it’s through your verbal leadership or diving on the floor after a loose ball, it’s going to be all about grinding it out moving forward. If there is one piece of advice I can offer you, it’s to put every last ounce of effort you have out there to make everyone proud—Derrick, the fans, and first and foremost, yourself.

Just go out there and play hard. Play your best. Leave everything you’ve got on the floor. Yes, you lost one of your brothers—a warrior in every sense of the word—but I know and you know you’ve still got a lot of fight left. You’re still the best team in the NBA until an opponent proves otherwise. So go out there and play like it. You’ve earned that much with Derrick along the way, but you also won a lot of games without him. It’s time to meet the challenge.

Wishing you all the best of luck on a long postseason run.”–Scottie Pippen. Click here to read entire letter


Scottie nailed it.  Guys get hurt.  It’s part of the game and shitty things happening is part of life.  The Bulls can either cry about it, feel sorry for themselves, and quit…or they can rally.  It’s time for every guy on that team to hold themselves accountable and hold each other accountable because the Bulls can still win this thing.  They play better team basketball than just about anyone in the conference and finished with the best record largely without Derrick Rose.  The playoffs are a different animal, but the Bulls biggest advantage against the Heat, Celtics, and Hawks remains the same…they have the deepest and most active rotation of big men in the NBA.  Kobe Bryant was interviewed recently and was asked if the Lakers are a contender.  His response “Absolutely.  All of the great champions in the NBA have the same quality…defense and rebounding…”.  Well that just happens to be what the Bulls do best.  Everyone needs to elevate their game, but defense and rebounding can carry the Bulls.  The last team to win a title without a bona-fide superstar….the Detroit Pistons.  The Bulls veteran leader just happens to be the starting shooting guard from that team.  This party is just getting started.  LET’S DANCE!!!!



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WHY DO BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE?! D-Rose didn’t deserve this

April 30, 2012 Leave a comment


This is some bullshit.  Everyone knows how much I despise the NBA culture, but Derrick Rose is one of the few young stars in the NBA that gets it.  He is hard-working, humble, unselfish, and all he cares about is winning.  He is a throw back.  He has been snake bitten all year, but I was praying that he would recover fully for the playoffs in order to stop the world from having to experience a Miami Heat championship.  Not in the cards.  Derrick Rose simply doesn’t deserve this.  If Dwight Howard snapped his femur walking down the stairs tomorrow…oh well.  Guy is a dick.  Probably has something like that coming.  If Lebron got hit by a cab…whatever…that’s karma.  Rose and the Bulls deserved better that this.  I think they still probably beat the 76ers, but that is as far as it goes.  Basketball Gods took down this Bulls team for no good reason.  Now we are all left hoping…hoping that Rose is able to make a full recovery and hoping that the Thunder or the Celtics are able to somehow beat the Heat.


PS: Hey God, I know you’re messing with Lebron by making him go bald, but that guy deserves worse than that. So…how about you play a little defense against the Heat this spring.  Thanks.


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