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Rebuilding the Blackhawks: Trading Brian Campbell

May 26, 2011 1 comment

Full disclosure, I love Brian Campbell. He skates with a fluidity and elegance that is unmatched in the NHL.  From a pure entertainment value there is nobody on the Blackhawks that I would rather watch.  He makes everything look so easy and he probably makes one “wow” play a game.  However, as much as I love Brian Campbell, even I recognize that he isn’t worth the 7 million a year he is currently making.  There have been several rumors swirling around lately involving the Toronto Maple Leafs, and where there is smoke there is usually fire. 

Campbell for Phil Kessel

This rumor is circulating and was suggested in Jesse Roger’s most recent mailbag on ESPN Chicago.  This intrigues me quite a bit because this move would likely have a large domino effect on the Blackhawks roster for years to come.  Acquiring Kessel would likely make resigning Frolik a luxury instead of a need.  It also wouldn’t surprise me if the negotiating rights to Frolik were apart of this trade because the Maple Leafs struggle to score, and Kessel is by far their most dynamic player.  This trade could also make resigning Patrick Sharp next season less of a priority.  I think Phil Kessel is arguably the most talented player in the league not named Crosby or Ovechkin, yet he has been largely a disappointment in both cities.  If Toronto is willing to trade Kessel after paying a bounty to get him from Boston it is a red flag.  The reward is outweighs the risk here. Acquiring Kessel and having him be a piece rather than the star in a market much friendlier than Toronto could allow Kessel to excel.  The Blackhawks could shed salary and pick up a Stamkos type talent.  I think this trade would likely be Campbell, Frolik, Brouwer, and prospect Kyle Beach(a Brian Burke type of player) for Kessel and maybe another piece.  The Blackhawks would have to jump on this opportunity.

Campbell for Mike Komisarek

I will FREAK OUT if this trade goes down.  Saving 2.6m a year for a player that is injury prone and can’t skate well enough for the Hawks style of play would be a serious mistake.  Brian Campbell provides more value at 7m per season than Komisarek does at 4.5.  If this is the only option then the Blackhawks don’t have a viable trading partner and should look to keep Campbell as a part of their championship core.

Lock of the Century: NHL Edition

May 24, 2011 6 comments

San Jose +155 @ Vancouver -175


This series is over.  I called this series wrong at the start.  I was way off.  I thought that San Jose’s depth up the middle would be a major difference for the Sharks.  I forgot about the fact that the San Jose Sharks have ZERO quality defensemen.  None.  That’s the only reason the Sedin Sisters have been able to produce.  This series really makes my skin crawl.  It’s so obvious now that the Blackhawks are still the best team in the league.  One more game played by Bolland, or if Sharp was able to bury that powerplay goal the Blackhawks would be well on their way to defending their Stanley Cup championship. 

Anyways, San Jose had their chance last game, but they couldn’t get the big home win they needed.  The Canuck fans will be rocking and if Vancouver scores early and plays physical, San Jose will fold as always.  I’ll have to look east for a team to take out Vancouver.  I don’t know if Boston or Tampa Bay can do it, but I’ll be rooting hard for them. 

I hate to do it, but for the sake of picking winners and bankrupting Costa Rica, I have got to go with the home favorite Vancouver.

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