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Bears Day Two Draft Guide

April 27, 2012 Leave a comment

The Bears’ 2nd round pick is the 50th overall.  Bears secured DE help needed by taking McClellin in the first round and should now look to fill holes at WR, OL, LB, TE, or DB in round 2.  The following players would be great acquisitions for the Bears.

Lavonte David: OLB Nebraska

Likely to be gone by the time the Bears pick at 50, but he would be a great fit.  A little undersized, but David is a great athlete and an absolute tackling machine.  Being a smaller OLB in the Bears 4-3 scheme isn’t as big of deal because he won’t be asked to set the edge in the run.

Peter Konz: Center Wisconsin

Bears obviously need OL help.  Selecting Konz would allow the Bears to kick Garza back out to guard and solidify the entire line.

Josh Robinson: CB Central Florida

Arguably the best athlete in the draft.  His workout just about broke the combine.  Not a guy that is ready to step in and start, but he can definitely help out on special teams and in sub-packages as he developes.

Zach Brown: OLB North Carolina

Similar to David as he projects as a great weakside 4-3 OLB.  Has a little bit better size than David, but not as good as a prospect overall.  Definitely a guy that can help the Bears immediately and in the future.

Mike Adams: OT/OG Ohio State

Adams probably has first round ability and size, but effort and decision making have been problem areas at Ohio State.  Bears biggest weakness on offense is still the line play.  Draft this kid and let Tice coach him up.

Bears fans should be thrilled if they come away with any of these guys.

PS: In the 3rd round the Bears selected Brandon Marshall.  Fleeced city. Stupid Dolphins.

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