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Bears Should Bench Cutler for tonight

August 22, 2011 Leave a comment


You know how many snaps Jay Cuter should take tonight…ZERO.  Last time the Bears played the Giants, they had 9 sacks…9!!! The Bears offensive line somehow got worse in the off-season. And by somehow, I mean it got worse because Jerry Angelo is a moron.  The Bears just got absolutely dominated by the Buffalo Bills last week and the Giants pass rush is about a billion times better than the Bills’.  The only way for Cutler to survive this game is to let him watch from the sidelines.


PS: You know Mike Martz would love nothing more than to have Caleb Hanie start this game against the Giants’ starting defense.  Martz HATES Caleb Hanie.  He could probably send him to the morgue by playing him in this one.  Then he can just make out with Enderle on the sidelines and tell everyone how great he is blah blah blah.


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Bears vs Bills Preseason Recap: At least Cutler’s knee looks healthy

August 15, 2011 Leave a comment



Yikes…that was a rough way to start the preseason.  Rich Eisen of the NFL Network summed it up perfectly when he said “Cutler got a chance to show everyone that his knee is healthy, because he was running for his life”.  Shawn Merriman and rookie DT Marcell Dareus absolutely destroyed the new-look Bears offensive line.  The Bears gave up 9 sacks in the first preseason game.  Not all of those sacks came against the Bears’ starters, but enough of them did and it seemed as though Cutler was constantly being pressured.  I don’t want to be the “sky is falling” type of fan…but the Bears are in for a long season.  Winning the division with the NFL’s 30th ranked offense and the league’s worst offensive line is a statistical anomaly, not something Bear fans should expect to have repeated. 

The biggest positive for the Bears, as is often the case, was special teams.  Johnny Knox was dynamic in the return game and the Bears shouldn’t miss departed safety/returner Daniel Manning.  Having said that, the new kick off rules are going to have a HUGE negative impact on the Bears.  With teams now kicking off from the 35 yard-line, teams are going to be kicking it through the endzone almost every time.  Taking the Bears’ field position advantage away.  The offense will now have to travel 80 yards to score on the vast majority of their possessions.  Nothing is lining up for the Bears this season. 

Angelo needs to go, Martz needs to go, and the Bears need a culture shock to the organization. 


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