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REPORT: Bears are trying to be just like the Patriots

April 20, 2012 Leave a comment


(Chicago Sun Times)– During his introductory news conference, Bears general manager Phil Emery emphasized that his scouting approach would be an amalgamation of the assorted systems in which he’s worked. Much of it, though, would be rooted in the “Patriot system,” he said. Nearly three months into the job, Emery has initiated that transition, but the process won’t be complete until after the NFL draft. The grading system hasn’t been implemented yet, for instance, but scouts have been schooled on labeling players in the manner Emery prefers.


Oh someone trying to be just like the Patriots…what a novel idea!!!  Yeah the Patriots are the greatest franchise in sports.  Just dominated the football landscape for the entirety of the new millennium.  Still in the midst of a dynasty.  So copying them is the perfect plan.  Hey Phil, you know who else has tried to adopt the “Patriots way”…umm effing everybody.  Jets, Browns, Chiefs, Falcons, Notre Dame, Broncos, Lions…guess how many championships those teams have…yeah ZERO.  Phil Emery saying he is going to adopt the “Patriots system” is like me saying I am going to adopt the way Shakespeare writes or the way Neil deGrasse Tyson does everything.  You can hire all former Belichick lemmings and read all the Michael Holley books you want, but it’s just not going to work.  At the end of the day there is only one…



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