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Wait, Lolla is Woodstock? Redhead tweeks the F out on Acid at Lollapalooza

August 8, 2011 1 comment



So full disclosure, I didn’t go to Lollapalooza.  I am not even sure if I am spelling that right.  I have never been.  Its one of those events that I get all excited for as summer approaches, then bands get announced, then tickets go on sale, then I back out last-minute because I have heard of like 10 bands on the list that are playing in the three days.  Then Lolla actually starts and I instantly regret not going because everyone is going so I feel like I should too.


Well, I thought I was regretting not going yesterday, but then I saw this video and I am REALLY regretting not going.  I mean would put this guy tripping out on acid against any acid trip out from the 60s.  Mud, no pants, fannie pack, grabbing at some dude’s leg, attacking the camera man…this thing had it all.  To think I could have witnessed the best freak out of this Millenium makes my stomach flip.


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