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Getting to know White Sox first round draft pick Courtney Hawkins

June 5, 2012 Leave a comment

(Mothership)–The Chicago White Sox selected high school outfielder Courtney Hawkins with the No. 13 overall pick of the MLB draft on Monday. Hawkins, who is 6-foot-2 and 210 pounds, attends Carroll High School in Corpus Christi, Tex. He was the Texas Gatorade Player of the Year. He is signed with Texas. “[The White Sox picked me] just because I just went out there and played ball,” Hawkins said. “Played as hard as I can. That’s the way I always play. I see myself as a power guy who can run, who can hit, just overall everything. Not just one tool. I can do it all. I can go play for the White Sox, get in their system and develop into a better player.” Hawkins, who was rated by Baseball America as the No. 15  overall prospect, showed off his athleticism after being selected, performing a back flip on


Alright Courtney Hawkins, you crazy bastard, I dig your style.  Looks like a good athlete. Plays baseball or something I guess.  I love the energy.  Keep doing you Courtney.


PS: Miami delenda est


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Umm…who wants some free shit?

June 1, 2012 3 comments


Got a package out of the blue from New Era.  No idea why.  I mean I thought the Cubs game in a luxury box and two bags of product would be the end of our relationship, but I think they just love me.  Like maybe even more than I love them.  Anyways, I’ve got a shit load of great hats and t-shirts to give away.  I feel like I should do some sort of contest.  First contest…come up with an awesome contest.  Winner gets a New Era hat and a t-shirt.

PS: Miami delenda est

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Adam Dunn and Jake Peavy are good…wait, what?

May 20, 2012 1 comment


So I tuned into the Cubs-Sox game today for a little bit.  First time I have watched White Sox baseball all season because…I mean…why would I watch the White Sox? Just so happened to be in the top of the 4th inning right before Adam Dunn hit his home run.  I nearly fell out of my chair when they showed his numbers for the year.  14 HRs, .390 OBP, slugging .596, and on pace for 120+ RBI…umm WTF?  I mean yeah he is still striking out a ton and only hitting .247, but who cares?!? Those are unreal numbers for Adam Dunn.  That’s the player they expected to get when they signed him.  The weather hasn’t even turned yet and the ball is still flying off of Dunn’s bat.  US Cellular is a power hitter’s dream when it’s hot outside.  Part of me thinks that he just can’t possibly keep hitting at this pace, but if he does and the White Sox win the division MVP talks shouldn’t be out of the question.  I really enjoyed making fun of Dunn last year and I just assumed that contract would go down as one of the worst in White Sox history.  I am completely floored by the year he is having.  Never saw it coming.

Then just when I thought I couldn’t be more shocked…Jake Peavy came out for the bottom of the 4th inning.  I vaguely remember someone telling me that Jake Peavy was the AL Pitcher of the Month for April.  That sounded ridiculous and I just assumed they meant comeback pitcher of the month or something.  More ridiculous than me assuming he was winning comeback pitcher of the month which doesn’t even exist.  I honest to God thought Jake Peavy was pitching out of the bullpen this year as like a setup guy.  His numbers are even more baffling than Dunn’s in a way.  I thought Jake Peavy was on the Kerry Wood plan.  A once great pitcher trying to battle injuries and age who was clearly on his way out of baseball.  The graphic showing his 2.39 ERA was literally jaw dropping.

I realize that admitting I completely ignored the White Sox is probably not a good thing since I am building a blogging empire based on Chicago Sports, but whatever.  Starting now I will officially sort of keep an eye on what they are doing…ish.  Once the new site launches(which is coming soon, hopefully tomorrow) I will have a regular White Sox writer to make sure this Chicago Sports site appears to care about the White Sox.  I don’t hate the White Sox. I am glad they are doing well and have a shot to win the division, but they are just…whatever.



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New Era Rivalry: Round 2

May 17, 2012 Leave a comment

The Cubs-Sox series is right around the corner and the bitterness between the two fan bases is as bad as ever.  I just don’t get it.  I am on board with only having one favorite team.  It’s impossible to devote yourself mentally, emotionally, and financially to two teams in the same sport.  So I know people in Chicago have to choose sides.  What I don’t get is why the two fan bases hate each other so much.  They only play 6 games per year.  The Cubs fans might as well hate the Orioles and the Sox fans might as well hate Atlanta.

As a neutral third-party who wants all good things for the city of Chicago I really feel like I should be appointed the official mediator for the rivalry.  Just have me sit down with these two guys and get to the root of their problem.  Make sure the conversation stays cordial as we get to the real feelings underneath.  I’ll have them use “I language” instead of attacking “you language”.  I mean my sister is a therapist so I am probably qualified by proxy.  I want to get to the bottom of this.  Let your anger go Cubs and Sox fans.  Just let it go.  Focus on you.

PS: I think I will discuss my commercial idea starring me tonight at the Cubs-Phillies game with New Era while I am watching the game from their suite…

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American League Predictions: Day late, not short on dollars.

April 6, 2012 Leave a comment

American League East

1. New York Yankees 95-67  Vegas Win Total line: 93.5

2. Tampa Bay Rays 89-73  Vegas Win Total line: 86.5

3. Boston Red Sox 88-74 Vegas Win Total line: 90.5

4. Toronto Blue Jays: 77-85 Vegas Win Total line: 80.5

5. Baltimore Orioles: 66-96 Vegas Win Total line: 69.5

American League Central

1. Detroit Tigers 94-68 Vegas: 92.5

2. Kansas City Royals 81-81 Vegas: 80.5

3. Cleveland Indians 80-82 Vegas: 78.5

4. Minnesota Twins 75-87 Vegas: 73.5

5. Chicago White Sox 73-89 Vegas: 74.5

American League West

1. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 97-65 Vegas: 92.5

2. Texas Rangers 94-68 Vegas: 91.5

3. Oakland Athletics 70-92 Vegas: 71.5

4. Seattle Mariners 69-93 Vegas: 72

Don’t forget, 60% of the time I am right every time.


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Can someone please explain the whole Cubs vs Sox rivalry to me?

April 6, 2012 Leave a comment


Alright, I am a neutral third-party.  I am a Boston transplant.  I have lived in this great city since 1998, and for the life of me I still can’t figure why the Cubs vs White Sox rivalry even exists.  They have never played a meaningful game against each other.  They aren’t in the same division.  Neither are very good.  I tend to like the Cubs more.  It’s a good time at Wrigley.  Pretty girls in summer clothes, luke warm beer, luke warm hot dogs, and I don’t have to run back to my car for fear of getting mugged after the game.  But to me, I don’t understand why there is such venom between the two fan bases.  I get the White Sox have this inferiority complex towards the Cubs because all the hot girls hang out at Wrigley and the White Sox are basically irrelevant.  I also understand that the Cubs have an inferiority complex towards the White Sox since the 2005 World Series.  So…isn’t that a common trait?  The two organizations are different, but we all live here.  Can’t we all just get along?

PS: If you’re a White Sox fan…try to switch sides now.  Epstein is going to morph the Cubs into a powerhouse.  Wrigley is getting renovated. They are going to bring in more money, better players, and shit load of wins over the next 10 years.  Just jump ship now.  Get on the Cubs rocket ship and enjoy the ride.

PPS: Anybody who switches teams is a douche.

Double PPS: Best pizza in Wrigleyville is Ian’s on Clark.  Get that Macaroni and Cheese pizza because regular pizza just doesn’t have quite enough carbs.


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April 5, 2012 Leave a comment


To me, opening day is the most romantic day in all of sports.  It’s the only sport that is a treat for all five senses.  The taste of a cold beer, the smell of the fresh cut grass, the hot summer sun warming your skin, the quick sound of action on the field followed immediately by the long roar of the crowd, great athletes on the field and girls in summer clothes in the stands.

I only played one year of organized baseball in my entire life.  It was my senior year of High School and I needed something to do in the spring.  I somehow made the varsity, but to say I sucked would be the understatement of all understatements.  I pitched occasionally, but for the only time in my life I didn’t care about my playing time.  Every practice and every game was a vacation.  You get to throw a ball around with your friends for a few hours every day as Spring turned into Summer.  Then on game day I chewed sun flower seeds, worked on my tan, and cheered for my teammates.  It’s the most leisurely of the team sports.  It is still intense, but in a different way than hockey or football. Baseball is about extreme focus and patient aggression.  That season allowed me to understand the game on a different level.

Prior to playing baseball, I was a baseball fan nerd.  Loved stats, moneyball, I could rattle off the top 30 players in my favorite team’s minor league system, and I read everything I could get my hands on.  I don’t do any of that now.  Now I just sit back and take it in.  It’s not a science to me, but rather a romance.  It feels good to hope.  I love knowing that game largely hasn’t changed.  Football and hockey players of 100 years ago wouldn’t recognize the sport today.  That’s not  a bad thing, but there is something special about how in baseball is the same.  The field is the same, the rules are the same, the ball, the bat, and even some of the stadiums.  Baseball is the only sport that gives you a sense of community with history.  I love the idea going to Wrigley or Fenway, eating peanuts and drinking beer knowing that 100 years ago my great-grandfather could have had the exact same experience.

So enjoy and appreciate the day, because it is special and unique.  God Bless America.


PS: Striking someone out is the second greatest feeling in sports second only to scoring a goal in hockey.

PPS: I don’t know what getting a hit really feels like, but that’s probably cool too.

PPPS: Now back to your regularly programmed smut.


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MLB Farm System Rankings: Cubs and Sox have work to do

February 8, 2012 Leave a comment


20. Chicago Cubs–An unfairly maligned system, in my opinion — not a great system, but not a disastrous one. And I say that as someone who’s relatively bearish on some of the Cubs’ more famous prospects.

Not a particularly great showing by the Cubs, but Epstein has already taken strides to improve the Cubs’ system.  It should be noted that the biggest move made by the Cubs this winter was acquiring First base prospect Anthony Rizzo.  Rizzo has long been admired by Theo.  Rizzo was once property of the Red Sox, but was dealt to San Diego as a part of a package to acquire all-star 1B Adrian Gonzalez.  Rizzo’s presence in the Cubs’ system is probably the biggest reason why the Cubs chose not to pursue free agent Prince Fielder.  Epstein has stated that he wants to build a sustainable winner from the ground up, and he will no doubt continue that process going forward.

30. Chicago White Sox–And they’re not particularly close to No. 29, either. When you don’t spend money in the draft, you’re not going to fare well in anyone’s organizational rankings. The new collective bargaining agreement, which clamps down on teams’ ability to acquire premium talent in the draft through higher bonuses, was the result of a long-standing effort by White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf, who wanted to force other teams to play by his rules.

Pretty harsh words from Keith Law on the state of the White Sox organization.  The White Sox are locked into some bad long-term contracts and according to ESPN there isn’t much help on the way either.  It appears as though dark days are ahead for the White Sox.  To me it seems as though Keith Law is taking a shot at Jerry Reinsdorf about the changes he wanted in the draft process.  I actually like the rule change that Jerry Reinsdorf “forced”.  So many times in the past you would hear about a top 5 talent slipping to Yankees at like pick 28 because they were the only team willing/able to pay the kid.  I am always in favor of a rookie wage scale and would like small market teams to have a chance to compete by at the very least developing their top draft picks.  Keep being a hard-ass Jerry.


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Dumbass White Sox fan cries about getting Cubs gift

December 28, 2011 Leave a comment


How old is this little girl? I am the worst at guessing kids ages. I am gonna say that she is under 8…which means that she gets to switch her favorite team and nobody can say anything.  Kids switch their allegiances all the time…which is part of the reason I hate kids.  Her mom just gave her a free pass to be a North-Side baseball fan and this chick passed on it like a moron.  I’ve got news for you sweetheart…the Cubs are gonna be awesome.  Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon…and for the rest of Theo Epstein’s life.  Meanwhile the White Sox are set up to suck for the better part of the next decade.  This city is gonna burn to the ground when Theo brings a World Series to Chicago and this girl can either party with the rest of us or sulk in her Alex Rios jersey.


White Sox Shut Down Jake Peavy

September 13, 2011 Leave a comment


Peavy was highly recruited throughout the country several years ago…he came to Chicago…and its safe to say that his career has been a disappointment.


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