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Joliet Catholic RB Ty Isaac, top RB in the nation, commits to USC…wait what?

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Umm…hey Ty…WTF bro?  Joliet Catholic kids go to Notre Dame. End of discussion. I know you’re worried about George Atkinson III winning the Heisman and getting a ton of carries over the next 3 years, but come on man. There are plenty of carries to go around.  No shame in backing King George III for a couple of seasons.  I hope this is just a joke.  Like kinda throw everyone off the scent for the next 18 months, and then bam…switch to ND at the last-minute.  That’s play.  I feel it.  Do it Ty!!! Do it!!!



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Notre Dame to wear Irish Flag Cleats when they play Navy in Dublin


SWAGGED TO FUCKING DEATH!!!! I am a traditionalist and that’s a huge part of why I love Notre Dame, but I can’t help but love these cleats as a one time deal.  Adidas needs to release those as a regular shoe because I want to rocking these kicks next St. Paddy’s Day so badly I can taste it.


PS: That first Saturday of the college football season is going to phenomenal.  The Notre Dame vs Navy game kicks off at 8am Central Standard Time.  Start the day with an Irish coffee, and then just watch games all day.  Decent schedule for week 1 too.  ND vs Navy, Miami vs Boston College, and the headliner is Auburn vs Clemson.  Wyoming vs Texas could be a decent game too.  College Football can’t start soon enough.  I would literally skip summer if I could.


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Tommy Rees arrested…Let the Everett Golson Era begin

(The Trib)–Notre Dame quarterback Tommy Rees has been arrested and jailed on a preliminary felony charge following a confrontation with officers who were trying to break up a house party off campus early Thursday, police said. Rees, 19, was arrested on charges of resisting law enforcement, felony battery to law enforcement, minor consumption and public intoxication, according to police. South Bend police had received a call about a loud party at about 12:30 a.m. on Notre Dame Avenue, an off-campus area that is home to many Notre Dame students, South Bend police Capt. Phil Trent said. Officers found a “madhouse of people” drinking and congregating outside a home, enjoying the warm night, he said. “It was a nice night, they were drinking, they’re having a loud time, which is the reason we’re there.” As officers approached, five or six people hopped a fence and led police on a chase, Trent said. The officers caught up with the group and used their hands to corral them, but Rees “actively resisted,” Trent said. “It wasn’t terribly violent, but it was enough to be considered resisting,” he said.


Honestly, this seems like much ado about nothing.  Even the arresting officer said “it wasn’t terribly violent“.  Sounds like a group of college kids were drinking outside on a nice night and some pain in the ass neighbors called the cops to complain about the noise.  Everyone has been in a situation like that.  I don’t know how it escalated to the point where Rees was charged with felony battery of an officer, but the kid has to know better than that.  In that situation you have to show maturity and good judgement.  Either flee the scene over the fence like the other kids or take your drinking ticket and whatever slap on the wrist comes with it.  Poor decision-making seems to be a problem for Rees on and off the field.

Having said all of that, Rees could have been given a citizenship award last night and I would still argue that Everett Golson should be the starting QB this fall.  Golson is the perfect QB for the spread offense.  I look at him and I see Troy Smith.  An extremely athletic QB with a big and accurate arm who just happens to be a little undersized.  It was said that coming out of High School if Golson was 6’2″ instead of 5’11” he would have been the number one rated player in the country.  He has all the tools.  Golson was very impressive in the latest Blue-Gold spring scrimmage.  He put up the best numbers and was the only QB to not throw an interception.  Kelly says that he needs to improve his overall knowledge of the playbook and needs to make his reads more quickly.  All of that may be true, but that sounds like every QB on the Notre Dame roster.  The difference with Golson is that if he gets into trouble he is more likely to pull it down and extend the play with his legs while Rees will force it into coverage.  Golson has the least amount of experience(other than Kiel), but has the most talent.  I think this Rees incident should finally cement Golson as the number one option heading into the fall.  If Kelly wants to win he needs to let Golson spin.  The Irish have an absolutely murderous schedule in 2012, but Golson is the man to wake up the echoes.  GO IRISH.


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Who’s the better Gunner; Kiel or Stahl?

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The internet is buzzing today because Gunner Kiel, one of the highest rated QBs in the country enrolled at Notre Dame.  I am not one of the Notre Dame fans doing cartwheels over this news.  Here is what we know about Gunner Kiel so far…he was originally committed to Indiana.  Indiana football hasn’t been relevant…ever.  His older brother, Dusty, was at IU and had two years of eligibility remaining when Kiel originally committed.  Dusty Kiel lost the starting job and the Hoosiers went 1-11. Kiel then switched his committment to LSU in December before switching again yesterday.  This tells me that Kiel is impulsive and indecisive.  Not exactly the best traits for a QB.  Secondly, the kid is an ugo.  I mean just look at that picture above.  If I have learned one thing about football as a Patriots fan its that if you want to win big your QB needs to be HOT FIRE.  I just don’t see an albino with a weird mullet instilling a lot of confidence in his teammates.

I watched Kiel play twice this year on ESPNU and also watched that Elite 11 documentary.  At no point did Kiel impress me.  His arm is good, not great. He seems a little quiet and didn’t perform all that well in the Elite 11 camp.  He couldn’t bring home an Indiana state championship his senior year, and most importantly…he isn’t a spread quarterback.  I am firmly in the Everett Golson camp going forward.  He is athletic, accurate, more accomplished, and has run the spread offense for 5 years now.  Over his last two seasons in high school Golson threw for 5900 yards, 69 TDs, and only 4 INTS.  That’s unbelievable.  The only knock on him is his size.  I think Golson is the second coming of Troy Smith. That is the type of QB the Irish need going forward.

So back to the original question, Which Gunner are you taking? Gunner Kiel, the ugo albino QB or Gunner Stahl, the guy who got stoned by a girl in a shootout and cost his team a championship?

PS: The ND QB depth chart in 2012 should go Golson, Hendrix, Kiel, Rees.

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Good bye Michael Floyd

December 30, 2011 Leave a comment


Too bad Michael Floyd had to end in Notre Dame career with a loss last night, but this circus catch added to his collection of spectacular highlights.  He is definitely the greatest ND wide receiver of my lifetime.

Career Receptions: 271

Career Receiving yards: 3686

Career Touchdowns: 37

All Notre Dame records.  Imagine what Floyd could have done if he had a real quarterback for the past two years.  The guy is special and would look real nice in either a Bears or Pats uniform next year…just saying.


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College Football Week 4 Quick Hits

September 26, 2011 1 comment

Great weekend of college football.  Conference play is getting underway and October is when the real season starts.  Here is what we know following week 4:

1.  People who were kind of sleeping on Florida before the season(a.k.a people like me) were dead wrong about the Gators:

Florida looks like they are back.  Demps and Rainey are as exciting as any players in the country and have that ability to score every time they touch the ball.  Florida last year was suffering for Tebow withdrawals, injuries, and a burnt out coach.  Urban Meyer left the cupboard STOCKED with talent.  A fresh face and an offensive system that fits QB John Brantley better has Florida looking like they could challenge for a conference championship. Next two weeks will tell the story for the Gators. They host Alabama then travel to Death Valley to face LSU.  Any way you slice it…the SEC is still king.

2.  LSU’s defense is SCARY

If I were John Brantley or anybody else on LSU’s schedule, I would literally SHIT myself if I had to play those guys.  They are crazy good.  Playmakers all over the field and they play mean.  LSU looks like they want to hurt people(not injure. There is a difference).  This might be the college football version of the 2000 Baltimore Ravens.  This is one of the most dynamic defenses I have seen in a long time.  I can’t wait for the Florida and Alabama games.  I wonder if Jarrett Lee can be good enough to win a close game against another great team.  Either way, this LSU defense should be recognized as one of the best in recent history.

3. Notre Dame’s offense is TERRIBLE

Notre Dame is wasting the best defense they have had since the early 1990’s with this dog shit offense that they have.  It’s a team game, but really the only thing holding them back is quarterback play.  Rees has been largely terrible and its time for ND to make a drastic move.  I really don’t think ND can go back to Crist at this point.  Its time to start giving Everett Golson some playing time.  Give Ohio State credit for recognizing that their veteran QB wasn’t getting it done and then turning to their freshman QB Braxton Miller.  If Rees is bad and only has half field reads, why not let Golson have a shot.  At least if things break down, Golson can use his legs to make something happen.  The read option game would also open things up for dynamic running back Cierre Wood.

4. The MAC is pretty decent

Week in and week out the MAC is competing hard against BCS level teams and has snagged a few wins.  Toledo, Northern Illinois, Western Michigan, Ball State, Bowling Green, and Temple have all had impressive games against top competition.  This is probably the deepest MAC field in years and will be one of the better Non-AQ conferences in 2011.

5.  mmm…Samantha Steele. So hot right now

I am in love and I don’t care who knows it.

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September 23, 2011 1 comment

Full disclosure…I am not really loving any of the games this week.  But if I know one thing about gambling its that you lose 100% of the bets you don’t make.  So here are my top 5 plays for college football this Saturday:


Florida State +2.5 @ Clemson

As much as I don’t trust Florida State, I trust Clemson even less.  I feel like Clemson loses these games 100 times out of a 100.  Florida State is the more talented team and will be looking to make a statement after suffering a home loss vs Oklahoma. The Pick: FSU +2.5


USC +2.5 @ Arizona State

I hate USC as much as the next guy, but they can’t be this bad can they?  I mean ASU just lost to Illinois team that is average at best.  Even though the game is in Death Valley, I’ll still take the road team as long as they are more talented 99% of the time.  USC is as talented as any team in the country and I think they show it this week.  The Pick: USC +2.5

Notre Dame -7 @ Pittsburgh

I am a believer in the Irish and I believe they have turned the corner after smashing MSU last week.  7 points is a lot of points for a road team to cover, but the Irish can score in bunches and their defense has been dominant.  Playing Pitt at Heinz Field isn’t exactly playing the Steelers at Heinz Field.  The Irish will have their way in front of literally dozens of Pitt Panther fans in attendance.  The Pick: Notre Dame -7


LSU -6 @ West Virginia

If you read this blog consistently then you know that I am a big believer in the Mountaineers.  I LOVE Geno Smith and Dana Holgersen together.  They are figuring it out and will be easily the best team in the BigEast by the end of the season.  Having said that…I think they may not cover if they were only playing the LSU defense.  LSU defense is scary good.  Like 2000 Ravens good.  Jarret Lee has been efficient lately, and I just don’t respect the Big East as a conference at this point.  The Pick: LSU -6


Vanderbilt +15.5 @ South Carolina

I like what Vanderbilt has cooking down there in Nashville.  After years of sucking, they are finally branding themselves properly…”Come to Vanderbilt, play in the SEC, and actually be able to read”.  They are getting better and have some nice recruits locked in already, but they aren’t close to being on South Carolina’s level yet.  I hate Stephen Garcia, and would love to him fail, but Vandy doesn’t have the horses to keep this thing close on the road. The Pick: South Carolina -15.5


There you have it.  Parlay these if you want to be a thousandaire by Sunday morning. 60% of the time these pick are right every time.


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September 16, 2011 Leave a comment

I don’t want to pump my own tires, but I totally nailed the LSU vs Mississippi State game last night.  Gave you LSU as the road favorite and also took the under.  2 for 2.  Feeling pretty pretttyyy good about myself right now.  Good enough to give the people 5 more Locks of the Century for college football.

#15 Michigan State +5 @ Notre Dame

Very confusing line here.  Notre Dame is on the verge of collapse and leads the country in turnovers.  Meanwhile, Michigan State has looked strong in their first two games, albeit against weak opponents.  Vegas is practically begging people to take Michigan State with this line.  It makes no sense at all…except that it makes perfect.  This is one of the oldest tricks in the book.  Bookmakers are trying to Jedi mind-trick the public into taking Michigan State with this line.  They might have fooled a lesser man, but this isn’t my first rodeo.  The Irish can’t continue to turn the ball over like they have.  This is the week it all comes together for Notre Dame.  The Pick: Notre Dame -5

#8 Oklahoma State +13.5 @ Tulsa

Tulsa is a program on the rise and they can score in bunches, but they won’t be able to keep up with OKST.  The Cowboys have arguably the most explosive offense in the country.  Even though Tulsa is the home team, there will be plenty of Cowboy fans in this intra-state game.  Oklahoma State covers this one. The Pick: Oklahoma State -13.5

Ohio State +2.5 @ Miami(FL)

The Sanction Bowl is missing some of its star players from both teams in what would have been one of the marquee early games of the season.  Ohio State looks to be a long way from being a dominant program and could be staring a 4 or 5 loss season square in the face.  Joe Bauserman SUCKS. There is no getting around it.  Its Miller time in Ohio State, and the sooner they realize it the better.  Bauserman gives them virtually no chance to win.  The Pick: The U -2.5

Northwestern -4.5 @ Army

Is it me or is Northwestern disrespected by Vegas just about every week?  NEWS FLASH: Northwestern is good.  Persa strong baby.  The Big 10 is a deep conference and Northwestern will win 8 games again this year.  One of those 8 games will come here against Army who has struggled against weaker opponents than the Wild Cats. The Pick: Northwestern -4.5

Tennessee +9.5 @ #16 Florida

I love me some Tyler Bray.  He is the best quarterback in this game and Tennessee is a program that is getting stronger.  I don’t think Tennessee wins this game, but they definitely cover.  Florida is a team in transition is ranked #16 on the strength of their name and conference.  I like the Vols to cover and I LOVE the over/under line at 50.5. The Pick(s): Tennessee +9.5 and OVER 50.5

That is six picks in total.  parlay those if you feel like being a thousandaire by Sunday.

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Hump Day Heisman Watch: Power Rankings

September 7, 2011 Leave a comment

All season long I will be posting my rankings of Heisman candidates. I am no “expert”, but this is something to read to get you through your Wednesday so enjoy.

1. Kellen Moore QB Boise State– The Heisman Trophy is often a lifetime achievement award, and Kellen Moore has had arguably the best career of any active college football player.  Moore is approaching the career wins record currently held by Colt McCoy.  In addition to that record, Moore has consistently put up outstanding numbers.  Perhaps the biggest piece to the Heisman equation is getting signature wins.  Boise State’s convincing win against Georgia in Atlanta is the biggest reason why Kellen Moore tops the initial Heisman Hump Day rankings. Current Vegas Odds: 15-1

2. Robert Griffin III Quarterback Baylor– RGIII has no real shot to win the Heisman because I can’t see Baylor winning more than 8 games.  I don’t think anybody has ever won the Heisman playing for an average football team, but Robert Griffin III is off to as good of a start as anybody in 2011.  Baylor’s exciting win against the reigning Rose Bowl Champs TCU put RGIII on the Heisman radar and in the minds of Americans.  Griffen III is the closest thing to Michael Vick and is must watch TV.  If he can somehow get Baylor to 9 or 10 wins he could be a finalist.  Current Odds: 20-1

3. Andrew Luck Quarterback Stanford– Andrew Luck is still the Vegas pick to win the Heisman. Luck is the most gifted pocket quarterback in the country and his team should contend for a conference championship.  Luck didn’t do anything wrong in week one to drop in the Hump Day Heisman Rankings, but he didn’t have the signature moments that the two QBs above him had.  Luck will be at or near the top of Heisman rankings all year barring an injury or Stanford going in the shitter.  Current Odds: 9-2

4. Montee Ball Running Back Wisconsin– Montee Ball lost some weight in the summer and it has made all the difference.  The guy looked quick, explosive, and powerful against UNLV in the season opener.  Wisconsin could be national championship contender and the presence of new QB Russell Wilson should prevent teams from stacking 9 guys in the box.  Perhaps Ball’s biggest obstacle will be his teammate James White.  White getting touches could prevent Ball from putting up the numbers he needs to be a Heisman finalist.  Montee Ball got the majority of the burn against UNLV. If that ratio of touches stays consistent through the year Ball could be the second Badger to win the Heisman. Current Odds: 80-1

5. Michael Floyd Wide Receiver Notre Dame– One of the few positive aspects of Notre Dame’s loss to USF was the play of Michael Floyd.  Floyd had a career high 12 catches and also brought in two TDs.  The Irish were not overhyped, they just had a game where everything went wrong.  Floyd will be the focus of Tommy Rees going forward for the Irish, and the Senior could put up record numbers.  If Notre Dame rebounds, and Floyd keeps racking up numbers like he did on Saturday, then he could very well be a Heisman finalist. Current Odds: 40-1


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Crist vs Rees Debate: I Need a Do-over

September 6, 2011 2 comments

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post about why I thought Dayne Crist should be the starter over Tommy Rees. The four reasons I cited were talent, learning curve, advanced metrics, and the future of the program.  I felt like the combination of those four points gave Crist the edge in what many(including Coach Kelly) said was an extremely even quarterback competition.  Well…when you are wrong you are wrong and I was certainly wrong about this.

I underestimated Rees’s edge in accuracy and perhaps undervalued his intangibles.  Rees may not have NFL arm strength like Dayne Crist, but he does a much better job of putting the ball on his receivers.  After rewatching the broadcast there were several examples of Rees’s accuracy being well beyond Crist’s.  Crist missed Michael Floyd on simple curl and comebacks routes that stall drives and kill momentum.  Rees was able to execute the offense much more effectively because his accuracy put the Irish in 3rd-and-manageable situations.

While the accuracy disparity became evident, it’s the intangibles that ultimately separates the two quarterbacks.  Crist seems to be a bit of a front-runner.  He led a terrific drive on the opening possession before Jonas Gray fumbled the ball away for a score.  On Crist’s next redzone possession he made a terrible throw and a terrible decision that ended in an interception in the endzone.  Crist’s body language was noticeably different after that play.  His throws became even less accurate and he seemed to shrink in the moment when the team needed him to be the leader.  Compare that sequence to Rees’s first interception that went off of TJ Jones shoulder as he wasn’t looking(seriously…WTF TJ?).  Rees came back on the very next possession and led the Irish to a 66-yard touchdown drive.  Rees certainly wasn’t perfect. He seemed to be too locked into Floyd at times and did throw the INT that essentially ended the game, but Rees did enough to merit being the starting quarterback for Notre Dame going forward.

Rees looks about 11 years-old, he doesn’t have a big arm, he isn’t very athletic, but he just has ‘It’. Intangibles, a winner’s mentality, a calmness, leadership, what the french call a certain…I don’t know what.  Flashback about ten years ago and you’ll see another quarterback controversy that is eerily similar to this one.  The New England Patriots had a highly touted, veteran, quarterback with all the physical tools you would want in a quarterback and he was backed up by a young and gangly 6th round draft pick.  Drew Bledsoe, like Crist last year, lost his job to injury and was replaced by the younger Tom Brady.  Brady and Rees aren’t going to wow anybody with measurables, but they both have a quality that can’t be taught.  The Patriots decided to go with Brady even when Bledsoe was cleared to play.  Brady led the Patriots to the AFC Championship before injuring his ankle and being replaced by Bledsoe.  Bledsoe was ready and his performance gave the Patriots a win and place in the Superbowl.  Notre Dame can only hope that Dayne Crist handles this situation with the same class and professionalism as Drew Bledsoe.  Crist’s job is still to help the Irish win games.  He needs to be a leader on the sidelines, in the classroom, in practice, and in the locker room.  The Irish, like the Patriots did in 2001, may need to call on Crist again should something happen to Rees.

PS: While I wouldn’t want Crist to transfer, I think Notre Dame should give him his release should he ask for it.  Crist still has another year of eligibility and should be awarded a 6th year if he appeals to the NCAA for a medical redshirt.  Crist provides depth at the position, but if he wants to leave the program for a school like Cal or UCLA then he should be allowed to do so.

PPS: I still agree with Coach Kelly’s decision to award Crist the starting position.  Crist is the veteran, Crist has better physical tools, and Crist originally lost his starting position due to injury.  Crist worked extremely hard to rehab from two major knee surgeries and he deserved the chance to prove he could lead the team on Saturdays.  It’s unfortunate that this decision resulted in a loss for the Irish, but Kelly made the correct call by giving Crist a chance…and is also making the correct decision now by awarding the starting job to Rees.

PPPS: I want to see some Everett Golson packages.

PPPPS: To all the commentors from the Crist blog who wanted Rees….You were right, I was wrong.  You’re smart, I am stupid. You’re good looking, I am…not attractive.

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