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Pretty sure Carlos Boozer amnestied himself in the post-game last night

May 11, 2012 Leave a comment

(Mothership Chicago)– Carlos Boozer summed up his Game 6 performance and his Bulls’ postseason career in the same sentence late Thursday night. When asked if he thought he got good looks at the basket, Boozer quickly noted something that the basketball world could clearly see. “I just missed them,” Boozer said. “Some nights are like that. Some night you’re on fire, some nights you’re not. Tonight I wasn’t.” “I thought I played well, especially with the kind of season it was,” Boozer said, when asked to assess his second season in Chicago. “We had the best record again in basketball, won our division again, had the top seed again, that’s all that matters, yo.”

Carlos, you just summed up your entire sorry career here in one sentence.  If you had a tenth of the heart of Noah you could’ve made All-American.  As it is you just went from the dog house to the unemployment office.

I think I had the exact same look on my face while reading these comments as Carlos had in the picture above.  Just confused as hell.  Like there is just no way a sane person can come to the conclusion that he played well.  Biggest game of the year and you went 1-11 bro.  That’s not exactly getting it done.  But hey fuck it, right Booz?  Still averaged 15 and 8 for the series.  Had the top seed, that’s all that matters yo.

If it were any other player on the Bulls I would chalk it up as just trying to put a positive spin on a terrible end to the season. However, with Boozer I think he actually thinks that.  Like no wonder he plays such shitty defense…he probably thinks he is playing good defense.  I mean if 1-11 is playing well in his mind then getting beat down the court and murdered on pick-and-roll has to be first team all-NBA to Booz.  The guy just doesn’t belong here and he never did.  Rose and Noah are winners.  They will do whatever it takes to win.  Boozer is just going through the motions and that’s what he has done for his entire career.  He will get you 15 and 8, but it will be the worst 15 and 8 of all-time.  The Bulls made a huge mistake when they signed him.  When they struck out on the famed summer 2010 free-agent class, they panicked and just threw big time money at the first player they saw and hoped for the best.  The Bulls front office spent as if they thought they’d lose all that cap space if they didn’t use it.  They would be completely fucked going forward normally, but as a part of the new collective bargaining agreement NBA teams have the ability to shred one contract under the amnesty clause.  Boozer was a candidate to get amnestied before this series, but I think those comments sealed his fate.  Can’t win titles with guys like that.  Peace out Booz, it’s been real yo.


PS: With his dad being such a loser it’s no wonder Carlos’s son is looking in all the wrong places for strong male role models…


Can’t really blame the kid for turning on the family, but come on kid…cheer for the Celtics.

PPS: For the record if the Bulls do use the amnesty clause on Boozer they still have to pay him.  His contract just wouldn’t count against the salary cap.  He will be able to sit back and collect checks like he has been doing since he came to Chicago.

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Bulls vs Sixers Game 6 Preview: The Replacements

May 10, 2012 Leave a comment


Look it Bulls fans, Michael Jordan isn’t walking through that door.  Scottie Pippen isn’t walking through that door, and Derrick Rose isn’t walking through that door.  Hell, who knows if Noah or Taj Gibson will even be walking through that door.   What we do know is that the replacements aren’t all that bad and they finally showed up in Game 5.  I have been leading the #BullsBandWagon into battle all series, and now things are finally starting to break Chicago’s way.  This team is talented enough to win on the road against Philly.  The Bulls had chances to win both Game 3 and Game 4, but couldn’t come up with big baskets when they needed them.  Those shots finally started going down in Game 5 and law of averages says it will continue tonight.  If the Bulls can keep up the defensive intensity, get a few more buckets from Carlton and Watson, and Deng has another All-Star type performance, there will be a Game 7.  Bench Mob is BACK!!! Survive.  LET’S DANCE!!!


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Bulls vs 76ers Game 5 Preview: I DIDN’T HEAR NO BELL!!!


Look it, I know things look bleak, but I wouldn’t be the Captain of the #BullsBandWagon unless I tried to put a positive spin on this.  No Rose, no Noah, and down 3-1 to the 8-seed, but only losers quit.  The Bulls, with everything going against them in Game 4, had a chance to win that game.   If the Bulls can play with that kind of defensive intensity and hit a couple of open jumpers at home tonight they can extend this series.  Champions never say die.  They fight until the last breath.  Defend home court tonight, get a little momentum and confidence for Game 6.  Win Game 6 and then Game 7 is at home and anything can happen.  Who knows…maybe Luol Deng will even show up for a game.  Time for one last stand Bulls.  I didn’t hear no bell.



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Bulls vs 76ers Game 3 Preview


I could sit here and give you a bunch of bullshit about adjustments that the Bulls need to make heading into Game 3, but it would be just that.  There is only one thing this Bulls team needs to change and that is its effort level.  The 76ers shot 59% percent from the field in Game 2 not because Doug Collins came up with the most genius game plan ever, but because the Bulls allowed them to run up and down shooting lay-ups all game.  It’s gut check time for the Bulls.  They can either continue to feel sorry for themselves and play like Carlos Boozer is their emotional leader again or they can stand and fight.  The Bulls won more games than any team in the Eastern Conference and they did it largely without Derrick Rose.  The playoffs are a different animal, but it’s time for the Bulls to play big boy basketball.  They aren’t a championship team without Derrick Rose, but this series will go a long way to determining if they are a championship team when he comes back.  As far as I am concerned everyone with the exception of Rose and Noah are playing for their jobs in this series.  Need more than 8 points from Deng and Boozer.  The Celtics just won a game on the road without an All-Star PG and a Hall of Fame SG.  They won that game with “grit and balls” as KG said.  That’s the kind of win the Bulls need to find tonight.  GET IT DONE! #BullsBandWagon



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Canadiens hire Blackhawk Assistant GM Marc Bergevin. What it means for the Hawks

(Globe and Mail)–Suddenly Chicago’s executives were in demand elsewhere, and assistant GM Kevin Cheveldayoff was hired to be the Winnipeg Jets GM last summer. Bergevin took on that role as Stan Bowman’s right hand man in June and has earned praise from Scotty Bowman as having a keen eye for talent. “He’s got tons of connections,” Stan Bowman told the Tribune recently. “He’s the kind of guy on a team that people would gravitate toward. You play that out over a 20-year career, and he’s got so many different connections he can draw upon.” “My strength is not numbers, salary cap stuff, but I will learn,” Bergevin said last summer shortly after being promoted to assistant GM. “I always tried to realize what I could do and what I couldn’t do.”
Good for Marc Bergevin.  He has put in his time and running the Habs has to be a dream come true for any one who grew up in Quebec.  Having said that…this SUCKS!!! Bergevin is a well-respected hockey guy and was a hold over from the Tallon era.  He was hired in 2005 and had his hands all over the 2010 dynasty team.  Blackhawks have their best and brightest poached for the second off-season in a row.  Now we are left with this diabolical Red Wings mole running our team into the ground.



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Is Carlos Boozer the new emotional leader of the Bulls?


It’s playoff time and the Bulls have home court advantage.  This is why they lift all them weights, this is what they worked all season for, this is why they did all that shit…and they pissed it away last night with a lazy effort.  Yeah I know Derrick Rose got hurt, get over it.  They don’t have the luxury of feeling sorry for themselves.  The Bulls want to be taken seriously as title contenders, but they sure didn’t have the heart of a championship team last night.  The Bulls were successful all season because they played together, hit the glass, and played tremendous defense.  Last night it seemed as though they all just took on Carlos Boozer’s defensive intensity.  No hustle, no heart.  The Bulls should still beat the 76ers without Rose, but they can’t do it without playing the type of defense they have trademarked under coach Thibs.  The Bulls got their doors blown off in the 3rd quarter, but even in the first half the 76ers shot 52% from the field.  I really thought the Bulls would rally around this crisis and elevate their play.  Instead it looks like they have folded.  The Bulls looked emotionally defeated in that game.  Maybe the most disappointing game in Bulls history from an effort stand point.

The only guy that brought it last night was Joakim Noah.  Noah played a nearly perfect game.  He is a winner.  He is the type of player you need to win a championship.  Now the question is do the Bulls have enough of those guys?  There were a few people in Chicago suggesting that the Bulls should trade Derrick Rose because they played so well without him…that’s ridiculous.  As far as I am concerned the rest of the playoffs need to be looked at as an audition for everyone on the team besides Noah and Rose.  If Deng, Boozer, Gibson, Korver, Watson, and Brewer can’t come up with a better effort then they shouldn’t be apart of this team going forward.

I hope that maybe the Bulls needed one game to wrap their heads around this situation.  Maybe Game 2 will be a wake up call and the team will step it up going forward.  Like Thibs said, they’ve got two days to figure it out.  Let’s see what this team is really made of in Game 3.  #BullsBandwagon


PS: If you want to see what a team with championship heart looks like then watch the Celtics.  They were on the road, missing their all-star PG, their hall of fame SG, with zero depth up front, and down 11 late in the 3rd quarter…didn’t matter.  The Celtics flat refused to lose that game to Atlanta.  Everyone wrote off Boston because they were too old.  Well you can’t write off guys like Pierce and KG.  Too much pride.

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One more inspirational Bulls video.



At the end of the day the Sixers aren’t on the Bulls level and the Heat are a bitch team.  This thing isn’t close to being over for the Bulls.



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Derrick Rose-Titanic Mashup: Never give up

May 1, 2012 1 comment


No…don’t say your goodbyes. Don’t you give up. Don’t do it.  We’re going to get out of this…we’re going to go on and we’re going to make a long playoff run and watch them deep into June and the championship chase will be over when it’s warm outside. Not here…Not this night. Do you understand me? Bulls fans, listen to me. Rose being injured all year was the best thing that ever happened to this team.  It made them strong. It brought the team together. And I’m thankful, Bulls fans. I’m thankful. You must do me this honor…promise me you will survive….that you will never give up…not matter what happens…no matter how hopeless…promise me now, and never let go of that promise.


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Scottie Pippen’s Open Letter to the Bulls

“With what happened to Derrick in Game 1, it would be easy to hang your heads right now. You could lose sight of the ultimate goal and give up before the rest of the games have even been played. But I know that’s not even a consideration for this group. And that’s exactly why you’ll make me, Derrick, the organization, and the city of Chicago so proud.

To a man, it’s time for each of you to take a look in the mirror. Decide who you really are and what you represent as a basketball player. Reflect on what you have brought to the table for your team all season long and why you’re a valuable member of the Bulls. Because all of you have contributed to this team’s incredible success. Ask yourself what you can do for the team moving forward. Whether it’s through your verbal leadership or diving on the floor after a loose ball, it’s going to be all about grinding it out moving forward. If there is one piece of advice I can offer you, it’s to put every last ounce of effort you have out there to make everyone proud—Derrick, the fans, and first and foremost, yourself.

Just go out there and play hard. Play your best. Leave everything you’ve got on the floor. Yes, you lost one of your brothers—a warrior in every sense of the word—but I know and you know you’ve still got a lot of fight left. You’re still the best team in the NBA until an opponent proves otherwise. So go out there and play like it. You’ve earned that much with Derrick along the way, but you also won a lot of games without him. It’s time to meet the challenge.

Wishing you all the best of luck on a long postseason run.”–Scottie Pippen. Click here to read entire letter


Scottie nailed it.  Guys get hurt.  It’s part of the game and shitty things happening is part of life.  The Bulls can either cry about it, feel sorry for themselves, and quit…or they can rally.  It’s time for every guy on that team to hold themselves accountable and hold each other accountable because the Bulls can still win this thing.  They play better team basketball than just about anyone in the conference and finished with the best record largely without Derrick Rose.  The playoffs are a different animal, but the Bulls biggest advantage against the Heat, Celtics, and Hawks remains the same…they have the deepest and most active rotation of big men in the NBA.  Kobe Bryant was interviewed recently and was asked if the Lakers are a contender.  His response “Absolutely.  All of the great champions in the NBA have the same quality…defense and rebounding…”.  Well that just happens to be what the Bulls do best.  Everyone needs to elevate their game, but defense and rebounding can carry the Bulls.  The last team to win a title without a bona-fide superstar….the Detroit Pistons.  The Bulls veteran leader just happens to be the starting shooting guard from that team.  This party is just getting started.  LET’S DANCE!!!!



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Everyone associated with Lebron must be a douche. Let’s boycott Nike

April 30, 2012 1 comment

A Nike shoe designer mocked Derrick Rose’s season-ending ACL injury on Twitter on Sunday, igniting a firestorm of criticism on the social media website. Jason Petrie, who designed LeBron James’ signature sneakers, tweeted that Rose should have signed with Nike after the Chicago Bulls superstar tore his ACL in the final minutes of Game 1 of Chicago’s Eastern Conference quarterfinals series against the Philadelphia 76ers. “You got one guy only getting stronger, and one guy breaking down before our very eyes. You chose poorly Pooh… #shouldasignedwithNIKE #GWS,” Petrie wrote, referring also to James and Heat’s 33-point Game 1 victory over the New York Knicks. Rose signed long-term deal with rival shoemaker adidas in February. Petrie’s comments drew enough outrage that Petrie tried to assuage his followers, tweeting: “Y’all take sh#t too serious! Never want to see anyone get hurt- I hope DRose comes back stronger than ever, he’s too good…” reported Sunday that Petrie then went back on the offensive Saturday, writing, “Just to set the record straight- if you ain’t with me you against me, and if that’s the case I don’t give a F about you!”

On Sunday morning, Petrie apologized for his comments.

“Wow! Twitterverse I do apologize. It was really just tongue n cheek! Never meant any harm or disrespect!,” he tweeted.

“As a brand that is passionate about sport, we recognize the intense level of play that every athlete has engaged in during this basketball season and respect the dedication it takes to compete,” Nike said in a statement Sunday. “One of our basketball footwear designers posted comments online that we feel are inappropriate, and he has since apologized. We wish anyone who is injured a speedy recovery.”


Lebron’s a douche, Wade is a douche, Bosh is a douche, Nike is a douche, and this Adam Petrie is a douche.  Seriously bro, you can stick your sorrys in a sack.  Derrick Rose obviously made the right choice not signing up with these assholes over at Nike.  I’ll take Derrick Rose in 2013 with a surgically repaired knee over Lebron and his band of pretentious losers any day of the week.  Derrick Rose will just come back hungrier and stronger than ever.  Meanwhile Lebron and his posse will be the same losers…throwing themselves birthday parties, playing dress up, flopping like a bitch, and not winning.  Lebron is Nike now.  Making fun of Dirk last year for being sick(right before he snatched a championship from them) and now making fun of Rose for being injured.  Rose hates everyone already, but I think maybe this will provide him with a little extra motivation.  So go to hell Lebron. Go to hell Nike.  I won’t be buying one stitch of your clothing until LBJ get’s fired.  He is just a bald asshole.


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