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Ferris Buehler’s Day Off Honda Commercial Remake is pretty solid

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I was pretty sure this was going to suck for some reason.  I don’t know why, but I pretty much hate Matthew Broderick.  Having said that, this video did it for me.  A-minus grade.  The only thing missing was Chicago and…

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Is Carlos Boozer the worst dad ever?

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Look it, I am on record with saying that raising kids looks like the hardest, scariest, most frustrating job of all time.  I want no part of that action(except for the very first part).  I never judge parents for misbehaving kids.  99.9999% of kids are effing monsters.  However, I think we really need to call social services here because Carlos Boozer and his wife are unfit to be parents.  You let your kid chant “let’s go Heat” right in your face and don’t do anything about it?  Rooting for the Heat is like gateway satan worship.  That kid is like 10 seconds away from doing heroine and murdering hookers.  You gotta set limits for your kids.


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Who says you can’t make a political commericial for under $5?

January 30, 2012 1 comment


This guy would have my vote if he lived in my district.  You can’t trust anything a politician says these days, but I know what I like and I like parrots with human heads and cheap computer animation. Superpacs be damned.  This guy can congress for me any day.


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Best golf swing you’ll ever see

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A tradition unlike any other….



I’M OUT!!! Enjoy The Weekend

January 27, 2012 Leave a comment


Not going to Shabooms, but def going skiing.  See everyone on Monday.


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Did you hear the one about the girl who beat up her BF over a bad hair cut?

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(Daily Mail)–The first time my ex-wife’s temper turned from vicious insults into violence was after I’d had a haircut she didn’t like. She dragged me down the hall by my hair, punching the back of my neck. Soon after, she repeatedly hit me on the head with a telephone receiver after she didn’t approve of the way I’d spoken to my mum. And, most absurdly, she set about my shins with a child’s plastic golf club after I’d hung my underwear out to dry without folding it the right way. According to recent British Crime Survey statistics, a third of domestic violence victims are male. Did I say anything to anyone? Or leave her? No, I didn’t. For, like thousands of other male victims of domestic violence, I was mortally ashamed of what was happening to me, convinced if only I was a better husband, these attacks would stop. I made light of what was happening, even though it robbed me of my confidence and self-esteem. After all, I was a man. How could I be a victim of someone nearly half my size? Except I was. And it’s not just me. According to recent British Crime

I am really on the fence with this whole story.  I get where both parties are coming from.  You people will probably be shocked to hear this after reading the blog post from the other day, but I have struggled with bad haircuts my entire life.  My head is like one big effing cowlick.  Sticking up everywhere in every direction.  Total mess.  After years of searching I finally found a hair girl who is both hot and talented enough to tame that mess.  There is not much worse than having a bad cut.  This guy probably came home looking like a complete jackass and it dawned on this girl that she has only two options for the next several weeks…A) Be seen in public with her boyfriend whose hair sucks or B) Be a shut in until that mop grows out.  Neither option is all that appealing.  So obvi she snapped and beat the hell out of him.  I mean…I sympathize with the guy one many levels…but I still get this chick losing it.  Hopefully some day she will find a guy with hair like this…



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Shit People in Chicago Say

January 27, 2012 1 comment


I have grown tired of these videos, but….they kinda nailed it with this one.  Sucks that I have said probably 90% of the things in this video.  But you know what smart asses…IT IS A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT CITY IN THE SUMMER, IT WILL ALWAYS BE THE SEARS TOWER, THE RED LINE DOES SMELL LIKE PISS, AND THEY ARE ALWAYS FILMING MOVIES HERE!!!

PS: The “I love Toes” thing cuts deepest.  I feel like there are a ton of Toes fans in the United Center.


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Snoop Dogg breaks down the whole Kris Humphries & Kim Kardashian like only Snoop can

January 27, 2012 Leave a comment


Can’t make a ho a housewife.  Amen Snoop, amen.


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Kevin Garnett got in a bar fight last night

January 27, 2012 Leave a comment


Everyone in this town seems to hate Kevin Garnett.  Even Noah was crying about how KG was mean to him or some shit.  Is KG the biggest asshole in the NBA?…you bet.  Do I care?…not for one second.  KG is full tilt, full-time.  I dig that about him.  He’s a winner.  Every championship team needs at least one guy with this kind of fire.  I think the Bulls have that in Rose, albeit in a quieter manner.  Celtics got off to a slow start and everyone wrote them off…BIG MISTAKE.  The Celtics are old, but if they can get healthy in time for the playoffs they are still a legit contender.


PS: If you are LA or New Jersey do you even want Dwight Howard anymore?  He is supposed to be one of the best players in the league and a leader.  In back to back games against the Celtics his team got blown out and scored only 56 points, then followed that performance up by blowing a 27 point lead in the second half.  That’s pathetic.  That shows lack of character.  Anybody that will let that happen to them is not a guy you want to build your team around.


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NHL All-Star Weekend Preview

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Last night the NHL held a fantasy draft to determine the teams for the All-Star game for the second year in a row.  I love this idea.  It’s a fun little wrinkle that adds another event to the overall All-Star weekend.  I know I am a hockey guy, but I can say without bias that the NHL has easily the best all-star weekend.  NFL is obvi the worst.  Followed by the NBA where they shock you by playing even less defense than the normal.  MLB is ok, but the Home Run Derby has become incredibly stale and if I hear Chris Berman call another home run I seriously might just kill myself.  The NHL all-star game has the best personalities in sports and the skills competition is actually very enjoyable.  It’s a great celebration of the game.

Last night was a great way to kick things off, and Fantasy Draft was pretty solid TV.

Team Chara = Team Ugly

I love all three of these guys.  Even though I hate Russian hockey players, I hate the Red Wings, and more recently I hate the Bruins, I still respect the hell out of these three and love watching them play.  But let’s call a spade a spade…these dudes are mutants.  Just your run of the mill Eastern European freak show hockey players that looked like they may have been exposed to Chernobyl fallout as kids behind the Iron Curtain.  To paraphrase Scott Harnell…Ugliest guys in the league.  The ugliest.


You Gotta be rooting for Team Ugly

Even though Team Alfredsson has Hank Lundqvist and two New England Prep kids(Jon Quick and Keith Yandle) I am still pulling for Team Ugly.  Team Alfredsson has both Sedin Sisters, Jason Spezza(who I hate), and division rival Shea Weber.  No effing thank you.  Team Ugly is filled with great hockey players, both Blackhawks, and a bunch of former Hawks.

Speaking of the Sedin Sisters…their 3rd ugly sister showed up last night

Team Ugly is going to win both the skills competition and the game

Chara will bring home hardest shot obvi.  Datsyuk will win any stick handling competition. Gaborik will win fastest skater. Kessel wins accuracy. And I like Team Ugly’s goalies better too.

Milbury thinks the game needs tweaking…


Fantasy draft with a mini 3-on-3 or 4-on-4 tournament could be interesting as a way to spice of the game.  Milbury just bringing the heat on the reg.



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