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REPORT: ESPN Confirms Blackhawks will win the next 10 Stanley Cups

(ESPN Insider)

4. Chicago Blackhawks

The Blackhawks saw Nick Leddy (16th overall, 2009; acquired from the Wild) make the jump to the NHL roster last season and he may soon be joined by Mark McNeill (18th overall, 2011), who has size, skill and a solid head for the game. He’s a scorer who plays both ends of the rink in a responsible fashion. They had to sell off most of their cap-strapped Cup-winning team, but adding picks year after year is starting to pay off for the Blackhawks.
Also on the radar: Phillip Danault (26th overall, 2011) and Brandon Saad (43rd overall, 2011).

Total number of top prospects: 14


Well there you have it, ESPN confirms the Blackhawks are going to just dominate the shit out of the NHL for at least the next decade.  Number 4 in the NHL in prospects already? Are you kidding me? A complete rebuild of the farm system took about 14 months.  Stan Bowman is playing chess and the other 29 teams are playing hungry hungry hippos.  This is going to be one hell of a decade.  The Blackhawks are already LOADED with young talent on the big club and Marty Havlat confirmed in an interview that every single player in the NHL openly pines to play in Chicago.  The three teams ranked ahead of the Blackhawks are 1)Florida 2) Edmonton 3) Ottawa…congratulations, those guys should have their prospect pool ranked that high since they basically take turns owning the #1 overall pick.  In case you were worried about aging rivals Vancouver and San Jose competing the with Blackhawks in the future…don’t. Those teams are ranked 29th, and 30th respectively. Start cutting confetti and keep the party buses gassed up.


PS:  There seems to be some confusion about me on twitter.  Some people think that I am either A) a chick or B) gay.  Neither of which are true.  Having said that…Toews is straight hot hot fire in the picture above.


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