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I DID IT!!! Another solid Bulls Lock of the Century

I am just elated.  The Chicago Bulls are in the Conference Finals and it played out exactly how I predicted it would.  Amazing defense and rebounding.  Derrick Rose just dominating and making his teammates look like all-stars.  Even Marcus Fizer had a huge game.  His toe magically healed.  The Hawks got down early and basically quit on their home floor in front of hundreds of die-hard Atlanta Hawks. 

The Hawks would be one hell of an AND1 Mix Tape team, but they will never be a viable contender because they play a stupid and selfish brand of basketball.  There is no way Marcus Fizer should be able to destroy Al Horford and Josh Smith, but that’s exactly what he did.  Rose may not have been able to pass the ACT, but his basketball IQ is off the charts.  The Atlanta Hawks cumulative basketball IQ is in the Forrest Gump range.  Solid effort in two of the games by the Hawks.  The Atlanta Hawks went deeper in the playoffs than anybody thought they would.  Just the perfect warm up for the Miami Heat.  A collection of guys who take turns running isolation plays.  Played hard enough to make the Bulls sweat a little, but not hard enough to make them work.  Thanks Hawks, you served your purpose.

Next time try playing a little defense so this guy doesn’t kill you.

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